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Infertility Specialist

David Ahdoot, MD, FACOG

OB-GYN located in Burbank, CA & Palmdale, CA

Board-certified OB-GYN Dr. David Ahdoot has the experience and the compassionate approach that patients need when facing infertility. He has helped many couples in Los Angeles and the Santa Clarita Valley to finally achieve their dreams of having a baby.

Infertility Q & A

What Are the Causes of Infertility in Women?

Infertility in women can be traced to a wide variety of causes. Erratic menstrual periods, polycystic ovary syndrome, diminished egg supply, ovary failure, menopause or some other problem may be the reason for infertility. Through taking a careful medical history and medical testing, the doctor may be able to narrow down the precise cause of infertility. This will allow the doctor to prescribe an effective treatment that may allow patients to conceive.

How Does Age Impact Fertility?

Age has a significant impact on fertility, but older mothers are now more common than ever. It is common for women to have their first child in their 30s or 40s today, and some women have even conceived children in their early 50s. As a woman ages, especially as she moves into her mid- to late-30s, egg production is diminished. The eggs that do exist are less healthy than the eggs from her teen years and early 20s. Less healthy eggs are more likely to result in miscarriage, so the miscarriage rates for women over 35 significantly increases.

How Is Infertility Treated?

A number of women suffer from infertility today, and it can lead to a feeling of hopelessness and even depression. The good news is that infertility does not have to be permanent in many cases. Infertility treatments for women are targeted to resolve the root of the problem. If lack of ovulation is the issue, the doctor may prescribe a medicine such as Clomid, which boosts ovulation by stimulating the pituitary gland. Some women receive injections of gonadotropin or hMG to directly stimulate ovulation. Medicines such as a gonadotropin-releasing hormone may work for women who ovulate only sporadically. A wide variety of methods are available to treat infertility, so the patient should talk to the doctor about which is right for her.

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